Your business coach.

As a business coach, I accompany managers and junior managers in Germany and internationally.
In my coaching, I make use of my experience in various management positions. My professional work with executives in Germany and abroad includes topics such as modern leadership, resilience and values, personality development, conflict, change management and effective goal setting. I support teams in jointly developing goals and in establishing effective ways of communication and efficient work processes. In my coaching practice, I rely on methods based on systemic coaching and scientific research.

Focus of my coaching.

  • Management in the midst of rapid change and digitalization
  • International Teams
  • Managing emerging leaders with new self-images, goals and levels of confidence
  • Teams in Conflict: Conflict Resolution and mediation
  • Career Advice / Professional Development
  • Sparring Partner

My Topics.

  • Taking on new positions, management responsibilities, roles and tasks
  • Self-reflection, matching how you see yourself vs. others see you
  • Goal setting in leadership
  • Resilience (Coping) and Burn-Out
  • Conflict management (in teams)
  • Change management (in teams)
  • Personality development and values
  • Expat preparation
  • Feedback practice
  • Dealing with colleagues, superiors and employees
  • From employee to manager in 100 Days
  • Role clarification, areas of responsibility, team constellations
  • Leadership coaching in times of change and innovation
  • Professional employee conversations
  • Crisis management
I also enjoy taking on new topics and working with the client to develop an adapted plan and a framework with clear objectives.

Business Coaching

At the heart of business coaching stands the appreciative discourse and development of objectives and goals. Based on proven and recognized methods, I accompany you and your employees on their path towards achieving their professional goals.
Naturally, this also includes support with solving immediate problem situations. Questions of leadership and management can often be answered directly and ease the day-to-day management practice immediately.

Methods & Concepts

  • Systemic Methods
  • Scale Sociometry
  • S.T.E.P. Pro
  • Big 5
  • Thought Model
  • Coaching Algebra
  • Discourse/Socratic Dialogue
  • Harvard & Yale Negotiating Methods,
  • Decision-Making after 1000minds (Otago)
  • FBI Playbook
  • Analysis Tools

Questions about my business coaching?

Find out in a non-binding initial consultation whether I am the right business coach for you, your team and your organization.