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Your management advisor, trainer and coach across borders.

Connecting worlds and building bridges – in workshops and trainings, in direct conversation and in projects worldwide.

Business Trainer

Professional and personal training courses and workshops. Workshop topics include negotiation skills, effective communication (The FBI Playbook), requirements for today's executives, successful negotiation strategies (according to Harvard & Yale), efficient decision making, mediation, international business development and sales. Find out more...

Business Coach

Coaching for managers and high potentials in Germany and internationally. In my coaching work, I increasingly rely on methods from systemic consulting and science, from Harvard, Yale, Otago and the FBI. In our coaching sessions, your resources, your development and goals are the focus of our conversation. Find out more...


Management consultant and advisor of management and management of companies in business and strategic matters. The focus is on questions of company structure, management and internationalization. Regional focus is on Europe, North America, China, East Africa, Australia and New Zealand. Find out more...



Why me.

I connect worlds that evolve rapidly and continuously present us with new challenges.
Foreign cultures and the unknown are part of my professional life. They have accompanied and allowed me to grow on my personal and professional path. Unknown environments also sharpened my eye for essentials and my sensitivity to foreign surroundings.
Scientific training at renowned universities in Germany, China and New Zealand introduced me to modern methods and approaches. They enable me to quickly acquire new topics and to develop client focused “best case” scenarios. Further training, including certified trainings as business coach, broadened my perspective and deepened my understanding about a great variety of aspects when dealing with people in today’s businesses.

Experience positive, competent and effective methods – in workshops, coaching and consulting.


“I experienced him to be very dynamic and innovative in his work, with a distinctive ability of leading people and working diligently on his projects. “

“By far the best training I have had the pleasure of attending so far: Great lecturer. A lot of highly interesting content. Made use of numerous case studies for maximum practical relevance

Participant Negotiations Training, Manager - dotSource

“Much of the theoretical content was directly applied in practice in various negotiation situations. Good balance between theory and practice. The practical content was analyzed in detail in the follow-up, so that a great learning success was achieved.”

Participant Influencing Training, Manager - DAX Company

“I was coached by Dominik and he was guiding me through a path of finding my leadership qualities. Dominik emphasized what was necessary to improve my toolbox related to negotiation, communication, and different styles of management and always keeping true to myself. Dominik is a very knowledgeable person, insightful, and a great listener.”

Rafael Chan, Department Head - Nestlé Research

“Dominik is a highly energetic, results-oriented professional who takes responsibility for his work and his team. Especially in team settings Dominik is a natural leader who has the ability to bring a team together in order to successfully complete a project. […] Dominik has built a reputation as someone who is not only diligent, but also has vision and a good sense of humour. I am very happy to recommend him and know that he will always give his best. “

Silvia Scherer, Korero Consulting

“I have attended a one-day negotiating seminar of Dominik. This day was very well invested: Dominik is not only a very experienced and knowledgeable trainer, but was able to quickly put himself into different situations of a variety of participants. All used methods and techniques are sound, are well applicable and make you want to get into the next negotiating situation soon!”

“Dominik is an excellent strategic thinker and driver for business development with many years of international experience. He is also one of the smartest and most genuinely positive people I know. […] Dominik is extremely enthusiastic about his work which is infectious, makes him fun to work with, and also very memorable. He always has a creative, positive outlook and he’s good at organizing and bringing people together. […] His presentation style is open and inviting to questions, engaging, and thorough. “

Nick Bell, Chief Operations Officer at GenderGP

“The training is certainly among the most valuable I’ve had in my career so far. Practical relevance was always given and examples of application were provided for.

Participant Negotiations Training, Manager - Stepstone AG

“Thank you for this knowledgeable and supportive seminar on the topic Negotiation! It was well structured as it was also interactive. He also prepared interesting tasks for all participants.Furthermore I could experience Dominik’s expertise and know-how.His advice and understanding on many issues on the side were quite on the point”

Tobias Budig, Co-Founder Webuilder


Clients are mainly international companies and individuals from Chinese, English or German-speaking economic areas.




    Here you can find details about my work as an advisor, business coaching, and trainer.

    I am looking forward to conversations and projects with you.

    Kind Regards
    Dominik Nowak

    Not the wind but the sail determines the course.

    Willkommen auf meiner Webseite. Hier erfahren Sie Einzelheiten über meine Beratung, mein Coaching und meine Arbeit als Trainer in Workshops.

    Ich freue mich auf Ihre Nachricht und auf das Gespräch mit Ihnen.

    Ihr Dominik Nowak

    Nicht der Wind, sondern das Segel bestimmt die Richtung.



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