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Companies and organizations today are subject to rapid change. Requirements of international markets are growing, (digital) communication is becoming more demanding, customer expectations are growing and competition from home and abroad is learning quickly.

Modern workshops & trainings for your company.

Companies need to become increasingly agile to survive in this environment. Your employees must be trained and educated continuously. Modern approaches and strategies, disruptive ideas and new technologies are just as important as shared values, self-fulfilment and a positive coexistence between different generations and backgrounds.
My workshops make use of modern techniques of media and presentation. Participants experience an active knowledge transfer and elaborate topics in groups as well as in individual assignments.

My Topics.

As business trainer, I hold and provide for business trainings and workshops. My workshops cover the following topics:

  • Requirements for leaders of today and tomorrow (digitization and leadership, gender awareness, leadership without formal power, international leadership, first-time leadership role)
  • Communication Management (Strategic Communication, Targeted Communication, New Media, Team Communication, Human Resources & Public Relations)
  • Conflict resolution and mediation (clarification, conversation, thought model, de-escalation)
  • International company development and sales(market entrance, strategic development, start-up, networking, HR, corporate culture)
  • Modern negotiation strategies(basic principles, preparation techniques, negotiation and power, best practice, Harvard Concept, Yale Framework)
  • Decision-making(principles of decisions, complex decisions, systematic decision-making vs. belly decisions, digital decision-making tools)
  • Self-experience (The job and I, self-motivation, SMARTE goals, inventory analysis, personal development)
  • The China Manager (Chinese economy, culture, politics and language )
  • Digitization(digital leadership and organization, mobile work, time management, digital solutions, digital natives)
  • Social Business (Model according to Yunus)

All workshops are primarily based on worldwide educations and further training at renowned institutes. These professional methods are complemented by numerous personal professional experiences in an international environment.

I am also keen to take on new topics and work with clients to develop customized concepts in order to convey technical content adequately and effectively.
The majority of workshops and training courses are designed for a multilingual audience and increasingly take place in an international environment.

Workshops & Training

  • Negotiation strategies and techniques (based on Harvard & Yale)
  • Requirements for executives of today (and tomorrow?!)
  • Decision-making (according to Otago)
  • Change management
  • Communication management
  • Sales Training
  • International Business Development
  • My Company and I
  • China Manager
  • Digitization
  • Social Business (based on Yunus)

Methods & Concepts

  • Harvard Negotiations Principles & Yale Framework
  • 1000minds (Otago)
  • FBI Playbook
  • Systemic Organizational Consulting & Constructivism
  • Thought Model (UC Davies)

Questions about my workshops?

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